V&A Energy: Sparks from the Collection

V&A Museum Display Photography 1840’s – Now Energy: Sparks from the collection

Whether generated by sunlight passing through the camera lens, triggered by the burst of a flash bulb, or forged by electricity coursing through a microchip, all photographs need some from of energy to exist. And, since the advent of photography, power – electricity, steam, wind and nuclear – has fuelled the imagination of photographers. So too have human energies, like the bosy in motion or traces of spiritual power, as well as forces found in nature.

Drawn from the V&A collections, the works in this dispaly shine a light on the diverse kinds of energy i photography, both the processes intrinsic to creating a picture and the subjects in front of the camera.

Photography is embedded in the story of the V&A. The museum has been collecting photographs since the 1850’s and today its collection is one of the largest and most varied in the world. In the photography Centre you can explore this collection to discover photography’s many histories and extensive impact on our lives.

White Goods, 2007-08 is on display in the museum until 18th May 2025